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Can you relate to any of these?

You want to be your own boss running your business.

You are not sure if your course or coaching offer is compelling enough.

You want to automate lead generation through social media and your website.

You are overwhelmed by technology and marketing tactics.

You want to beat procrastination and stay motivated to work on your business.

If you are going through any of this, you are not alone.

Hi, I’m Josh. I can help you make your first $10,000 online.

  • I generated $10K/month through my English teaching business while working a full-time job.
  • My 60K sub YouTube channel generates leads every day.
  • I’ve been featured on educational broadcasts in Korea.
  • I speak English, Japanese and Korean.
  • Previously: Global Marketing Manager at Line and Business Education Trainer at Meta

A bit more about my business

I teach English to non-native speakers. My business model is like this.

A student looks for information and finds my YouTube channel or blog → joins my email newsletter → learns about my courses and coaching → joins my programs, and becomes a confident English speaker!

If you’d like to build a similar business model, I can help you.

The above looks simple on the surface, but there are many nuanced decisions around technology, psychology, and strategy that made the model work.

Whether you are starting your business, trying to earn your first $1,000 or $10,000, or building your course website or funnel, I can give you advice based on my real-world experience.

In this free business consultation, you can:

  • receive honest feedback on your content strategy, marketing funnel, and paid offer
  • get clarity in your direction and the overall strategy
  • get insights on your course website and user experience
  • learn to differentiate your paid content from free content
  • learn to prioritize your tasks and business activities that align with your goal
  • gain a deeper understanding for WordPress and LMS platforms technical integrations
  • have an opportunity to share and bouncing ideas off with someone who understands you!
Free Business Consultation

Topics we can discuss

marketing funnel

video production

packaging your offer

hiring contractors

sales webinar

roadmap to $10,000

Who is this for?

❌ This is not for you if…

  • 🙅 you are not excited about earning income for yourself
  • 🙅 you handle mainly e-commerce and physical products
  • 🙅 teaching, training, or coaching is not part of your business
  • ✌️ you are already making $10,000 a month from your business

✅ This is for you if…

  • 🙆 teaching, training, or coaching is part of your business
  • 🙆 you need clarity in your direction and strategy
  • 🙆 you are struggling to make your first $1,000 or $10,000
  • 🙆 you are struggling to finish making your course or coaching offer
  • 🙆 you are overwhelmed by technology and marketing tactics
  • 🙆 you want to stay motivated and be consistent
  • 🙆 you want honest feedback from someone who “gets” you

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