How to Spy on Your Competitors’ Social Media Ads (Free)

Are you a digital marketer or designer looking for inspiration for your next ad creatives?

You can spy on your competitors’ paid social media posts for free.

In fact, the built-in “ad transparency” feature on major social media platforms lets you view your competitors’ ads.

Here’s how.

Twitter Ads

Go to the Ads Transparency Center (← click).

Click the search field in the top right corner and type the competitor name.

Twitter only displays promoted tweets that have been run over the last seven days.

You can view the number of retweets and likes, but not replies.

LinkedIn Ads

Go to the company page and find “Posts”“Ads.”

You can view the business’s promoted content in the last six months. But the likes and shares are not visible.

Facebook Ads

“Facebook Ads Library” lets you view the ads of a Facebook page.

Go to your competitor’s Facebook page and find “Page Transparency”“See All.”

Scroll down and find “Ads from this Page” and click “Go to Ad Library.”

⚠️ Disable ad-blockers on your browser if it does not show.

You can’t see the likes and comments on these ads.

You can filter the ads by country, platform and impression by date.

Pretty easy, right?