How to Deal with Clients for Your Music Production

If you produce music, you have to interpret the instruction of the client and relay to whoever that you’ve hired to do the job (freelance arranger, audio engineer, composer, etc). If you’re in that shoe, you really have to do your communication right. Here are my thoughts.


Don’t just relay the client’s instruction to the freelancer as-is. Often times, the client doesn’t know the right words to express what he is trying to get at. Ask questions, get confirmation, and challenge the client to be very specific. Do not give a vague instruction to the freelancer, if you’re not sure what the client wants. Any abstract instruction the client gives has to be translated into specific musical terms when communicating with your freelancer. 


Clients make purchase decisions based on emotion. Be friendly and professional, but do not be an annoying prick to the client. Emotional management of your client is part of your project management. Understand and address the hopes, dreams, and fear of your client. It’s important that he knows you’re on his side. Music is a very subjective matter—just because music is technically sophisticated does not make it better for the client. See the world through the client’s eyes and make that music, even if it’s not your taste.


The final product should be delivered in WAV or AIFF files, unless otherwise stated. Some amateurs can hear the difference in the sound quality between an MP3 and WAV. 

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